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The application period is now over. Please look to apply for 

the school year internship program in the fall of 2018. 


Urgent, Inc. is looking for 75 motivated teens (ages 14-17) and 10 young adults (18-21) seeking a  7-Week summer internship this June-July, 2018. Several internship positions are available. 




  • Website and Mobile Application Design: Learn and use HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS),        Microsoft, and JavaScript. Finish with the ability to test and earn a certification in CSS, Microsoft        and HTML.
  • Digital Media Specialist:  Create Short Films, Podcasts, Stream on Social Networks and Cover          Events. Finish with Digital Content for Career-Focused Demo Reels & Digital Portfolios.   
  • Photography and Event Services: Run a photobooth, prepare graphic design templates for             events, post to social media, photography for events, professional head shoots and booth                 management. Must have flexible schedule to work events. 
  • Entrepreneurship/Business Management: Create a business plan, prepare for business pitch       competitions, proto-type your product or test your services with your target customer. Run a             youth-led business. Earn extra money for your start-up business idea. Must be willing to attend         Business Bootcamp for 3-weeks from 8:30-3:30pm M-F and then work a 20 hour schedule for 4       weeks. 



  • SERVE: Commit to 4 hours of community service each week for seven (7) weeks
  • EARN: Commit 5 Days a week Monday-Friday 4 hours a day (Minimum)
  • LEARN: Attend academic development workshops or enroll in Dual Enrollment (if eligible)
  • WEEKENDS: Commit 1-2 weekends a month for special opportunities (June & July)



Age 14-21

Miami Dade County Resident that live in a Priority Zone: 

Overtown or Attend Booker T. Washington SHS or Zip Code 33136

Resume & Cover Letter

State Identification Card

Social Security Card

Birth Certificate

Proof of Address




Access Application Here



Step 1:  Complete Your On-Line Application

Step 2: Monitor Your Email or Cell Phone for a Message that You Are Invited to Interview

Step 3: IF invited, Confirm Your Interview Time and Place

Step 4: On Your Interview bring your resume, cover letter and proof of Identification

Step 5: The company MAY elect to conduct a social media content review

Step 6: You may be invited to attend an intern and parent orientation for prospective interns (Mandatory)

Step 7: Upon successful completion of Orientation activities, you MAY be offered an internship position. If you accept the position, you will be required to complete additional employment paperwork.

Step 8: Obtain Work Hours and Report to Work on your scheduled Day/Date/Time/Location


Dear parents, thank you for helping your teen navigate how to apply for their first internship! It is important for you to coach your teen, not do for your teen what they can do for themselves. 

In an effort to create a "real world" experience, Urgent, Inc. will not respond to your inquiries. Your teen must call on their own behalf if they need more information. Yes! Please help them prepare their questions. In addition, your teen applicant must use their own email to apply for a position on-line AND when sending any questions. 

For youth who are offered a position, Urgent will hold a parent orientation to share with you about the summer internship process, expectations and calendar of activities. Once again, we are excited to be on this journey with you as you help your teen access summer employment. Remember, if your teen was applying to Target, McDonald's, or other retail shop, they would not entertain your inquiries. We also will only communicate with the applicant.



For More Information Contact:

 Renavia Buckhannan, Administrator

Office: 786-581-7821  | Email: renavia@urgentinc.org 




 SCHOOL YEAR 2017-2018


What is the FACE Experience?

Are you in high school and looking for an opportunity to learn about careers in film, the arts, computers or business and entrepreneurship? Apply for a school year internship with Urgent, Inc. and earn a training stipend while your learn about careers in the creative design industries and work with professionals in the industry. 



PRIORITY ZONE: Overtown, Liberty City, Little Haiti
WHO: 9th-12th Grade; Ages 14-18


*All Candidates Must Interview for a School Year Internship Opportunity 



LEAD & SERVE: Commit to community service up to 120 hours during the school year

EARN: Commit 2 Days a week after school for a total of 4 hours a week
LEARN: Attend academic development workshops or enroll in Dual Enrollment (if eligible)

WEEKENDS: Commit 1-2 weekends a month for special opportunities



Booker T. Washington Senior High

Urgent, Inc.



PRIORITY ZONE: Overtown, Miami FL 33136
WHO: 8th-12th Graders; Ages 14-21
LEAD & SERVE: Commit to community service
EARN: Commit 5 Days a week for 8 weeks June-July; 5 hours a day
LEARN: Commit to attend college and career workshops



Contact: Renavia Buchannan, Program Assistant

Email: renavia@urgentinc.org

Phone: 786-581-7821



The Children's Trust

Southeast Overtown/Park West Community Redevelopment Agency

Miami City Commissioner Keon Hardemon, Chairman

Miami Dade County Cultural Affairs & Cultural Affairs Council, Office of the Mayor and County Commission



Urgent, Inc.

1000 NW 1st Ave,

Ste 100,

Miami, FL 33136

Phone. 786-581-7821

Fax. 866-811-7778

Email. office@urgentinc.org